Why Choose Totally Nuts

Guaranteed Inventory

Looking for ways to ensure you have the products you need exactly when you need them? Totally Nuts can guarantee your inventory  – not only its availability, but also its price.  Although we gladly work on an order to order basis, we encourage contracts for those customers with long-term planning needs and strict production schedules.  When under contract, your inventory is stored for you at one of our public warehouses, to be released when you need it, and your price will not change, regardless of market conditions.  Each individual contract is subject to the terms and conditions negotiated at time of sale.

 Our Take on Logistics

At TN&M, we understand that our customers have different logistic needs.  That’s why we store inventory in several locations across North America, including public warehouses in Montreal, Toronto, New Jersey, Virginia, Chicago, and California.  Each of these warehouses allow for customer pick-ups.  Or, we can deliver your product to you!  We will do our utmost to ensure that your products are there for you when you need them.

& more!

Take advantage! Totally Nuts works for you by simplifying your purchasing process.  Using us as your supplier relieves you of several responsibilities, including initial financing, bank and customs documentation, and product testing.  With Totally Nuts, our services provide you with the  time and flexibility to focus on other important aspects of your company.